Reviews of 1st City Associates

At First City Commercial Real Estate we are committed to excelling in customer service and satisfaction and look hard to find competent, honest, friendly, and hard working associates. The commercial real estate world is complicated and, at times, stressful, so it is imperative that you have the best people on your team. 


Valerie Wenzel on Broker Associate, Oxana Solovieva

Oxana is fantastic at what she does! Give her a lead and she's on top of it doing everything she can to quickly find a tenant for your property. She also understands and appreciates the value of finding a GOOD tenant versus ANY tenant. Some realtors don't take into consideration the costs associated with placing a bad tenant in your property who may be destructive, not pay on time or at all leaving the owner to deal with eviction process or trying to get their money. Generally neither turns out well, so having someone like Oxana who listens, does her due diligence and always looks out for your investment is an extremely valuable asset!


Stephanie Greaves on Broker Associate, Oxana Solovieva

LOVED working with Oxana!! She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and always worked around my hectic schedule. I never felt as though my time was wasted when I worked with her. She showed me houses that were within my budget and were located in the area I wanted to live in. She is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with! I would recommend her without any reservation to anyone in the area!


Vera Lebedev on Broker Associate, Oxana Solovieva

Oxana is an absolutely amazing and loving person. She is truly a professional in everything she does. It was a pleasure doing business with her and we definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone. You will not regret doing business with her!!!


David Silvers on Broker Associate, Oxana Solovieva

If your looking for an intelligent, well educated women with integrity to assist you in buying, selling or leasing property, look no further than working with Oxana. We have worked together over the years and let me assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Ron Shorey on Broker Associate, Oxana Solovieva

Oxana was responsive and knowledgeable and quickly accomplished the mission of leasing my commercial property.